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United States 19.2%United StatesSpain 4.2%SpainNetherlands 2.5%NetherlandsBelgium 1.3%BelgiumCzech Republic 0.9%Czech RepublicSouth Africa 0.5%South Africa
Germany 17.1%GermanyJapan 3.3%JapanRepublic Of Korea 1.9%Republic Of KoreaChina 1.3%ChinaGreece 0.7%GreeceSlovenia 0.5%Slovenia
France 6.4%FranceCanada 3.1%CanadaBrazil 1.5%BrazilMexico 1.3%MexicoRomania 0.7%RomaniaThailand 0.5%Thailand
United Kingdom 6.4%United KingdomAustria 2.7%AustriaAustralia 1.5%AustraliaSwitzerland 1.1%SwitzerlandTaiwan 0.7%TaiwanHong Kong 0.5%Hong Kong
Italy 5%ItalyRussian Federation 2.7%Russian FederationPhilippines 1.3%PhilippinesPoland 0.9%PolandSingapore 0.7%SingaporeIslamic Republic Of Iran 0.5%Islamic Republic Of Iran


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 Johann Kaspar Kerll :

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