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Germany 21.4%GermanyFrance 2.7%FranceAustria 2%AustriaCanada 1.5%CanadaCzech Republic 1%Czech RepublicLuxembourg 0.5%Luxembourg
United States 19.8%United StatesNetherlands 2.7%NetherlandsMexico 2%MexicoIsrael 1.2%IsraelSingapore 0.7%SingaporeHong Kong 0.5%Hong Kong
Russian Federation 7.8%Russian FederationSpain 2.5%SpainChina 1.7%ChinaSwitzerland 1.2%SwitzerlandFinland 0.7%FinlandMalaysia 0.5%Malaysia
United Kingdom 4.7%United KingdomRepublic Of Korea 2.5%Republic Of KoreaArgentina 1.7%ArgentinaAustralia 1.2%AustraliaNew Zealand 0.7%New ZealandColombia 0.5%Colombia
Italy 4.5%ItalyJapan 2.2%JapanBrazil 1.7%BrazilIslamic Republic Of Iran 1%Islamic Republic Of IranRomania 0.7%RomaniaSlovakia 0.5%Slovakia


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Henry Purcell: Toccata con Fuga in A (Cembalo by Benjamin Slade 1705)

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