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Germany 20.8%GermanyFrance 3.1%FranceRepublic Of Korea 2%Republic Of KoreaCanada 1.5%CanadaColombia 0.7%ColombiaSingapore 0.7%Singapore
United States 20.3%United StatesNetherlands 2.8%NetherlandsChina 2%ChinaSwitzerland 1.3%SwitzerlandCzech Republic 0.7%Czech RepublicGreece 0.5%Greece
Russian Federation 7.8%Russian FederationJapan 2.6%JapanSpain 2%SpainAustralia 1.3%AustraliaIslamic Republic Of Iran 0.7%Islamic Republic Of IranSweden 0.5%Sweden
Italy 3.9%ItalyMexico 2.6%MexicoAustria 1.8%AustriaRomania 1.3%RomaniaIsrael 0.7%IsraelTaiwan 0.5%Taiwan
United Kingdom 3.3%United KingdomBrazil 2%BrazilArgentina 1.8%ArgentinaFinland 1%FinlandNew Zealand 0.7%New ZealandUkraine 0.5%Ukraine


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Francois Couperin - Le Reveil Matin played on a harpsichord build by Nicolas Pigallet 1771, sampled by realsamples.


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