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Germany 21.8%GermanyNetherlands 2.7%NetherlandsAustria 1.9%AustriaCanada 1.7%CanadaIslamic Republic Of Iran 0.9%Islamic Republic Of IranLuxembourg 0.4%Luxembourg
United States 19.4%United StatesJapan 2.7%JapanChina 1.9%ChinaAustralia 1.2%AustraliaCzech Republic 0.9%Czech RepublicColombia 0.4%Colombia
Russian Federation 7.4%Russian FederationFrance 2.7%FranceArgentina 1.9%ArgentinaRomania 1.2%RomaniaFinland 0.7%FinlandSweden 0.4%Sweden
Italy 4.4%ItalyRepublic Of Korea 2.4%Republic Of KoreaMexico 1.9%MexicoSwitzerland 1.2%SwitzerlandNew Zealand 0.7%New ZealandUkraine 0.4%Ukraine
United Kingdom 3.9%United KingdomSpain 2.2%SpainBrazil 1.7%BrazilIsrael 0.9%IsraelSingapore 0.7%SingaporeGeorgia 0.4%Georgia


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Jean-Philippe Rameau - Les Trois Mains played on a harpsichord build by Nicolas Pigalle, 1771, sampled by realsamples.

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