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United States 21.5%United StatesFrance 3.1%FranceJapan 2%JapanRomania 1.5%RomaniaCzech Republic 0.7%Czech RepublicGreece 0.5%Greece
Germany 20.7%GermanyMexico 2.3%MexicoCanada 2%CanadaArgentina 1.2%ArgentinaColombia 0.7%ColombiaSweden 0.5%Sweden
Russian Federation 6.9%Russian FederationRepublic Of Korea 2.3%Republic Of KoreaChina 2%ChinaAustralia 1.2%AustraliaIslamic Republic Of Iran 0.7%Islamic Republic Of IranLatvia 0.5%Latvia
Italy 4.6%ItalyBrazil 2.3%BrazilSpain 2%SpainFinland 1%FinlandIsrael 0.7%IsraelUkraine 0.5%Ukraine
United Kingdom 3.3%United KingdomNetherlands 2.3%NetherlandsAustria 1.8%AustriaSwitzerland 1%SwitzerlandTaiwan 0.5%TaiwanLuxembourg 0.5%Luxembourg


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Eugéne D'Albert 4 Pianopieces op.16


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