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United States 20%United StatesSpain 4.4%SpainChina 2.3%ChinaPhilippines 1.4%PhilippinesSwitzerland 1%SwitzerlandSingapore 0.6%Singapore
Germany 16.8%GermanyJapan 3.5%JapanNetherlands 2.3%NetherlandsBelgium 1.2%BelgiumGreece 0.8%GreeceIslamic Republic Of Iran 0.6%Islamic Republic Of Iran
United Kingdom 6.3%United KingdomRussian Federation 2.9%Russian FederationRepublic Of Korea 1.8%Republic Of KoreaCzech Republic 1.2%Czech RepublicNew Zealand 0.6%New ZealandSouth Africa 0.6%South Africa
France 5.9%FranceCanada 2.9%CanadaAustralia 1.8%AustraliaMexico 1.2%MexicoRomania 0.6%RomaniaHong Kong 0.6%Hong Kong
Italy 4.8%ItalyAustria 2.5%AustriaBrazil 1.6%BrazilPoland 1.2%PolandSweden 0.6%SwedenFinland 0.4%Finland


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- Alban Berg: The three orchestral pieces op.6 belong to the most demanding compositions for orchestra.

These recordings are also used as Example for the VSL