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Robert Kahn: Pianoquintett D-Major 1926 (First recording based on the manuscript currently kept by the "Akademie der Künste" Berlin)

This recording replaces here my recording only of the first movement which I produced as music example for the Lexm in 2009:

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0 # Guest 2011-11-18 22:18
Is the piano part "as written"? It sounds strange. The strings play fairly unremarkable neo-romantic music, but the piano plays something else, altogether!

Answer by S.F.:
Yes this is exactly what is written. Kahn was on one hand student of Brahms when he was young and on the other hand wrote this piece 1926 when his colleagues at the Hochschule für Musik & the Akademie der Künste in Berlin were Hindemith, Schönberg and Schreker (S.Fahl)
0 # Peter 2014-03-02 04:55
This is so awesome! You should do the other movements! I haven't found the score for this anywhere, could you upload it to IMSLP?

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