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Total: 996

United States 23.2%United StatesUnited Kingdom 3.6%United KingdomAustria 2.5%AustriaAustralia 1.7%AustraliaHong Kong 1%Hong KongBelgium 0.6%Belgium
Germany 13%GermanyNetherlands 3.2%NetherlandsJapan 2.5%JapanRomania 1.4%RomaniaDenmark 0.8%DenmarkPortugal 0.6%Portugal
Russian Federation 6.1%Russian FederationBrazil 2.9%BrazilCanada 2.3%CanadaArgentina 1.2%ArgentinaMexico 0.8%MexicoNorway 0.6%Norway
Italy 5.3%ItalySpain 2.9%SpainRepublic Of Korea 2.1%Republic Of KoreaIsrael 1%IsraelNew Zealand 0.6%New ZealandSweden 0.4%Sweden
France 4.7%FranceSwitzerland 2.5%SwitzerlandChina 1.7%ChinaColombia 1%ColombiaPoland 0.6%PolandHungary 0.4%Hungary


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(recorded with a Pigalle Cembalo 1771, detailed sampled by Realsamples)


0 # comentariomauricio monsalve 2015-06-05 02:49
Una obra que no he dejado de oir.

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