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United States 22.2%United StatesNetherlands 4.1%NetherlandsAustria 2.4%AustriaChina 1.7%ChinaColombia 0.8%ColombiaPortugal 0.6%Portugal
Germany 12.4%GermanyUnited Kingdom 4.1%United KingdomCanada 2.4%CanadaArgentina 1.5%ArgentinaPoland 0.8%PolandNew Zealand 0.6%New Zealand
Russian Federation 6.7%Russian FederationSpain 3%SpainRepublic Of Korea 2.1%Republic Of KoreaRomania 1.3%RomaniaBelgium 0.8%BelgiumHungary 0.4%Hungary
Italy 5.4%ItalyBrazil 2.8%BrazilJapan 2.1%JapanHong Kong 1%Hong KongIsrael 0.8%IsraelMexico 0.4%Mexico
France 5.2%FranceSwitzerland 2.4%SwitzerlandAustralia 1.9%AustraliaDenmark 0.8%DenmarkNorway 0.6%NorwayIreland 0.4%Ireland


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recorded on a Pigalle Harpsichord (1771) sampled by Realsamples

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